Wednesday, January 26, 2011

you're a nobody but im going to apologise anyway (dear L)

Let's get afew things out while im at it
(and hope you're friend who i feel sometimes stalks me, doesn't see this)

im sorry you were the one to talk to me first
im sorry YOU wanted to be friends with me
i was perfectly fine being beautiful and alone

im sorry you don't have a blackberry
and how things turned out

im sorry our names begin with the same letter

im sorry i never worried about you
or bothered to reply to your message that one time
im sorry your one friend ended up liking me more
that she paid more attention to me
that she came to sit with me
that she thinks im cool

im sorry you hate me
that you're jealous

im sorry i don't care enough to apologise to you personally
i don't feel i have to
and how would it go?
"im sorry for being me"
hmmm -- it just doesn't feel genuine

im glad im gone now
#nomorecompetition (for you)
#nomoreguilt (for me)

and lets call the small relationship i sustain with your friend
and lets hope that she loves you enough, so that you won't care

hugs and kisses


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