Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"im lovesick and waiting...

For the day when you make everything brand new
But my heart's grown hard from a hope that's lost
All weather tossed, all sore and cross"

picture compliments of andrea jane*
its two am and i shouldnt be blogging, but i have this song stuck in my head...and im thinking, does this happen to normal people? you feel a certain way and then you get a song, that describes exactly how you feel, stuck in your head... maybe it doesnt, maybe im just a musical genius :)

i am probably having one of the worse couple of past days ever..gee, that doesnt even make sense, did i mention its past two am? i have an essay due tomorrow, well Thursday, i like to maintain the belief that it is not the next day till i have gone to bed*

i think its funny how i've been praying for something to look forward to and then today in the post, i found out that i got provisional acceptance to do biotechnology next year, it makes me excited just saying it :) tho dont quote me next year when im complaining about test and exams...still, call me rude, but i want something else, something more, something to tell my friends about and day dream of...

ahhh blogging, its kinda conceited to sit around and talk about my day (yes, i know its not the only thing i HAVE to talk about) still...its so much effort being creative at this day this blog will be cool, like all the awesome things i read on sparknotes (sparkblog) and then i'll smile knowing that my blog will make people happier just by reading it (ahhh im so considerate) but back to my day... i didnt go to university, and dont intend to tomorrow, dont ask why, bc i dont have a specific reason (and if i did, you'll never know) and thinking about it, as sad and tired and stressed as i feel at the moment, there where things in my day that made me smile; the waffles i had for supper, the discovery of peartizer in our fridge (i swear my mom hides things, if you want the good stuff you gotta search! no room for lazyness in this house) chocolate, tv...seeing him online-knowing he's there, facebook wallposts, tea, having a good hair day, my dogs fighting (not literally) for my attention and to sit next to me while i attempted to study outside, this picture...
of my dog sleeping in her kennel she had when she was a puppy and which is clearly to small for her today, eventually she sleeps with her body stretched out and her head on the floor...but i have yet to get a picture of that...ahh if only she knew its not good to hold onto the past <--- new moto in life*...kinda sad, very hard, but i can do it...i know i can, its just soo much effort lol

okay its 3am now. this is why i don't blog, it take up too much time, kiddin' this felt nice :) will do this again soon, after my essay, when maybe im less emo about things (and by things i mean boys)

don't get me wrong i love life and the fact that i'll be able to wake up tomorrow and make tea and eat chocolate... :)