Thursday, March 24, 2011

mind your step

it shocks me everytime
and makes me wonder what to say

it makes me smile
and blush
and hope that people dont judge me

it's weird
and sometimes i don't believe it
sometimes things are different in my head

The realisation that people actually read this blog

Hi Akua and Nick and Tom

the words i write are usually just for andea and cheyenne
and sometimes just for me*

but you can read them too i guess :)


today felt like holiday

i stayed up till the early hours
then slept till late
 and had nicknacks for breakfast

i watched glee
alot of glee
and danced and sang and perved over afew of the characters

i tweeted
and drank tea

and got caught up and bearly thought about things that usually bother me

i took a shower and washed my hair with my marshmallow smelling shampoo
and watched my dog stare curiously in the mirror

i promised that tomorrow will be exactly the same as today
but better

and reminded myself that i will see friends this weekend
and everything will be lovely

#nowplaying #onrepeat : Animal and When i get you alone
the Glee rendition ofcourse


andrea said something

something along the lines of....

"i don't have time for girls who think having a guy will make them happy
kinda like you sometimes"

and i haven't forgotten about it
and i refuse to believe its true

and i sit here wanting to type my third? blog post about #myGuy
and...the question is, should i?

i like how he sent me a pointless message "accidentally" and which was meant for someone else
i like how he apologised and then asked me how i was
i like how we spoke for hours
and went to go shower at the same time
and then spoke again afterwards

i like how he tells me stupid silly things
like that he likes watching animal planet and to cook in his spare time

i like that we wished together at 11:11

and that we updated our status about each other
and that he uses words i dont know and then says "i know you're about to google it" he keeps silly secretes

i like how i cant stop thinking about what it would be like to kiss him.


Friday, March 18, 2011

feels like i have nothing

i used to be really happy
i was fixing things

but then i got lazy and caught up in old memories
and ruined all my progress

and  really dont know what i need anymore

i dont.

i dyed my hair about a week ago
and today was the first day, after a while
 where i looked in the mirror and recognised myself

today i like it
though i cant wait to change it

i finally uploaded the photo's taken on my birthday
im so inlove with them :)
and thank you for the stockings you bought me andrea**
now we just need an occasion to wear them

i am excited to be on holiday
and for things to get better
to relax and watch series
and see friends

i love my friends

even the ones i have at varsity
(though dont get me wrong, i do still have fans....and shame, they're sweet
and no, im still not used to them)

maybe im just a little distressed about this adjustment i have to make
maybe im lazy
or lonely

maybe im trying to hard....
im not sure what i want

look how lovely her short hair looks andrea*

i have a purpose
and yet still feel purposeless
(euw, the word "purpose" is just disgusting)

maybe i just want to have fun

go out and meet people
or just have fun with people i know
or both

....goodness and talking about "fun"
rebecca black is....
no i will not hate on her on my blog
but F*CK
her song "friday" is something demented
and i'd tell you to listen to it but
it might ruin your life

you wont be the same again
you wont enjoy the phrase ... no im not going to say it


She did!! ...
kay now im just freaking out all over again

**deep breaths

i ended up making a CD for andrea
i needed to listen to something

and i've been playing it over and over
and i cant wait to play it in her kitchen
and to drink tea

hmmmm tea