Tuesday, January 11, 2011

glasses on

i've been putting off blogging since...maybe ten o clock, i even tweeted about it, only to have some random guy (who i hoped was hot -- but was NOT) tweet me, trying to inspire me to blog

currently obsessing over Eliza Doolittle -- ALOT!
like, im tempted to make andrea a CD so we can play it in her kitchen obsessed

"What's wrong with bein' a nobody?
That nobody knows and has no buddies
And I should know 'cause I am one of these
Happy to blend and I really am honestly"

it sounds so emo, but she sings it really upbeat, you're just forced to sing along

yes im playing her music super loud bc my parents aren't home
yes nicolas and i are singing along
yes he hates me bc he knows all the "stupid" lyrics

she even has two or three songs were she talks about getting arrested
haha ... love them

i haven't done anything for the past two days
i thought it would be nice to just chill at home
but the truth is, i've just been driving myself crazy with all the thinking i've been doing
i doubt this amount of thinking is even healthy

wondering what to wear to the met
and missing andrea

remembering murray being like...

 "so i heard this rumour, that when the two of you are separated for more than 5 hours, one of you gets cancer"

okay i could be miss quoting him, but it was something along those lines and super funny...ahhh what i'd give to have that night back


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