Sunday, October 16, 2011

here's an idea

i really liked this weekend
i propose we all live together

i'm really nice
i like to drink tea
an on the occasional chance, im really funny

how could you possibly say no to that?

i don't really have any special skills
or super cool talents

i hope this doesn't count against me or anything....

this dog is such a betch, he called top bunk and everything.

i just think it would be
'ya know
really indie.


For the sake of breaking away

whispering to my friend
"i just wish that boy wish inlove with me"
wishing that he'd come back and we could have a second chance

this time i'd reply to his messages
and tell him what i want
this time i wouldn't care
and let him kiss me so much more

my life is perfect
but ask me to choose the perfect guy and i'll fuck everything up

[gosh i need more coffee.]

i want to go back in time
and just not be here for abit

but i can't
so instead i think i'm going to break away for abit
from all the things that are bad for me

i've done this before
im going to do it again

things will be perfect.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

something small

the simple realisation
that happiness can come with something so small

like turning off your phone
or a good cup of tea

happiness is working towards something you want
and its having fun.

it's friendship
and love
and good music

its an afternoon upholstering your grandfathers old chair
and making it look beautiful, and puffy and white.

its simple and needs to be cherished.