Monday, September 26, 2011

i want to eat ice cream with you.

i want to eat ice cream with you
just us two.

we'll go to my favourite place
i'll order for us

strawberry and mango blend, with a scoop of choc chip for you
pistachio and chocolate chip for me
(i really like chocolate chip)

of course we'll share
and i'll eat slightly more of your strawberry and mango blend, than you do

you'll make some joke about me licking ice cream off you
and i'll laugh and tell you it's not going to happen...

we'll both secretly hope it will

we'll walk through town
to those stalls that sell the sunglasses im obsessed with
we'll each try on a pair 
and you'll probably find ones that makes you look even cuter than you already are

we'll wonder past the flower sellers
and i'll ask you to buy me a bunch
you may even consider it
but we couldn't possible walk around with a bunch of flowers

we'll talk about stupid things
and make silly jokes

we might even kiss

and the ice cream?
the ice cream will be lovely.

[we come together by Goldfish #nowplaying]

say you miss me
we both know you do.


hay! its 2am

been saying i'll wait till there's something worth blogging about, till i blog again
truth is
there's been so many things

oh, well
my time away has been lovely*