Friday, June 24, 2011

what the holiday's are all about

i have this little brother
who likes to snap up photographs
and i found these the other day

and i just think its moments like these
that define holiday

the afternoons in front yard, watching the sunset
or sitting on the floor with your dog, who knows she's not meant to be inside

playing guitar
and making up songs

baking biscuits and only covering half of the finished ones in chocolate
and then fighting with friends, for the ones with chocolate

spontaneous adventures
and dinner with friends

sitting around and watching tv
and painting nails

drinking tea

keeping warm,
and spending the day doing nothing

having intellectual conversations with my dog
watching my fish swim
cleaning up the kitchen
and doing my hair.



Thursday, June 23, 2011


been raging to andrea
about things i know she's thinking
and truth is, im not even sure i can bitch about my problems

problems? what problems? Lisa, i dont understand, your life is perfect

i know, i know
but there is one small thing


really, though.

i tend to think im a pretty honest gal
i may be optimistic,
and really really nice
but, somewhere along the line im honest about how i feel about things

what im trying to say is that,
if you piss me off
you should know you did,
and well, if i piss you off
you should know why i did

i hate being rude
and hurting people's feelings

but as much as i love you
i love me more

so keep your judgements to yourself
and your tweets about shit off twitter
bc as much as i want to care
i've come to realise that, some people aren't worth it
some people are just stupid. 

to be quite honest....


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new boots.

its not that i think im better than you,

its just that i think im cooler.

look at me now.



mine is better than yours...

she used to tell me we couldn't be friends
that i needed to respect her

and i remember going through a weird phase
not talking to her
or listening to what she said

and now i cant imagine life without her
its like i grew up
only to depend on her even more

and i love her
and talk to her
and miss her when she's gone

we share secretes and stories
and dreams and hopes

we give each other advice
and look out for one another

she's funny
 and i'd be nothing without her

and, what im really trying to say is that...

my mommy is better than yours.

(kiddin'....not kiddin'.)


gossip girl.

i used to want to be Blair
but now i want to be Serena


Saturday, June 4, 2011


problems are just there to remind you that this is all real
to hurt you and to remind you to feel

in a perfect world
they wouldn't be part of life
no one likes to hurt

and the trick is know which ones to over look and which ones to work at

and i cant even begin to explain how crazy this week has been
and i could complain about:

how i was 45mins late for my chemistry exam,
or how my ex bf is just determined to see me miserable,
how my best friend is gone
how theres no milk in the fridge
how i can see how a certain person using me bc she has no one else
or how the guy i like, doesn't like me back

how i just want to be alone
and not put in effort into relationships with certain people
how i just dont want to reply to your message....any message i get

how my twitter just doesn't load 7/10 times i try
or how i twisted my ankle, which felt like a near death experience

but what would be the point?
people would feel sorry for me
and thats not what i need

truth is, through all this, im still happy
theres so much i have to live for
and to look forward too

and maybe i've become that girl who insists that:
"everything is going to be okay!"
to the girl who is having a serious panic attack before a physics exam
while the rest are freaking out and saying "no its not, stop lying to her"

and maybe i'm over looking problems, that are serious and i should address
but right now im doing okay
and thats all that is important.


just some getting use to...

i woke up yesterday morning and thought
"my exam ends at 12, i could go round to andrea afterwards"
and i was genuinely excited
we could drink tea, and catch up and...
then i realised i couldn't

and your tweet and email made me smile
and its all like you're not gone

come home soon.

love always.