Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i'm alive

its one: thirty four am
and im about to start a project that's due for tomorrow morning.

i have to be up at 6am
my hair is wet
and im dinking cola flavour Jive (yes, cola flavour.)
bc im faaar too lazy to make tea

i haven't blogged in ages and its like....
a stress.

ahhh life
everything has been so crazy and beautiful
and theres abit of heartbreak in between, but thats okay

the photo of the day is this
and it just reminds me of the insane, unpredictable weekend i've had

i've eaten too much mc donalds
and questioned my career choice
and have spent the afternoons on my bed with earphones, wasting time.

i have missed andrea.

and haven't planned my days or my outfits
i haven't been thinking
and i've been distracting myself

and maybe this is okay
just for this week

maybe i shouldn't go back
and this is what my life will be like for now
maybe he will kiss me tomorrow
and i'll tweet about it

ah. who knows....