Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For him (confessions of a blogger)

i could explain why i've been thinking about him
i could make excuses
i could lie
i could pretend i dont feel this way

what would be the point?
and maybe it's bc im lonely, bc im avoiding Someone else, bc the Australian girls reminded me soo much of him
i said i wouldn't make excuses

and then Nylon uploaded this song by Adele & The XX which i love
and probably killed in one night

"the scars of your love
remind me of us
 they keep me thinking
 that we almost had it all"

and yes, i went through afew of his Facebook pics
listening to it
missing him
wanting him ....
wow -- confessions of a blogger

and now i cant stop thinking about him
for a while i thought i forgot about him
i haven't spoken to him since last i saw him
last month? no longer ago
last year?

i remember Andrea being like.. "yes, i love you two together"
i wonder what he thought about that
i wonder how he felt about me hesitating to kiss him
i wonder if he thinks about me
if he hates me

i wonder if we would have worked together
if thats something he wanted...though i highly doubt it

its nice to think about

we would sit around talking about nothing ...
"i love your accent" "no, i love your accent"
we would drink wine
and picnic
we would go out with friends
you would make fun of how stupid i am
you would try to understand me
and teach me about silly things
and listen to what i say
no -- i will not cry over a fantasy

you would let me play with your hair
and sleep in your arms
and kiss my forehead
we would kiss

everything would be perfect
you're really good looking
and well, i like you
i do...

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