Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear David

im glad we spoke
before i made a fool of myself

i had it written in my head already
"we can't keep doing this, i respect you to much to keep running back to you and using you, you cant always be my rebound guy, a hook up...remember what happened the last time? how upset you got? you cant pretend you dont like me when we both know you do, you're really sweet but im growing up and shouldn't you be bored of me by now? just saying"
im just glad that i asked if you're in a relationship
in my defense you're kinda annoying, you message me and always try and talk to me...and why? what do you want me to say? the conversation is always the same
and besides the girlfriend, you dont seem to have changed

unless you were lying -- bc that would explain things
but other than that

"just bc we moved house and you now live around the corner, doesn't mean i want to put effort into another relationship with you"


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