Thursday, January 27, 2011

picture this, and excuse the S word

so do you model?
no, don't ask her that
but she looks like she would
you're really pretty
do you play sport?, i did do dancing for about ten years

what kind of dancing?
why did you stop?
do you have a boyfriend?
why not?

she doesn't like needles
i know i heard her say that in class
you're really smart
you must know the answer
i love your blackberry cover
what do you do on weekends?

a group of girls sitting under a tree
all seeming younger than me, even though technically most of us are the same age,
with so many questions

picture coming late to class to find out that they all rearranged seats to sit with you
that we shared lunch and laughter
and having inside jokes with strangers
and treating someone who's name you dont even know as a best friend
(and feeling safe and having everything easy)

picture High School

remember those days?
and all the good things about being at school
a small class of fifteen of your friends
distracting the teacher
asking stupid questions
guessing answers
writing notes
borrowing pens
but some how the beauty in all of this is that we aren't friends, that we're all strangers

picture love,
and "omg he's checking you out while he's with his girlfriend"

picture smiles
and hugs
and "i'll see you monday"
and small waves
and air kisses

its a beautiful picture
and im glad to be in it

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