Monday, January 17, 2011

this should be fun...

it's past two am and ...
im awake
chatting to murray on facebook, who just explained the time difference to me
(they're 9 hours ahead...flip, i think)
and listening to deathcabforcutie (for the vibe)
this music actually just reminds me of driving around with kyle and james
and why wouldn't i want to think about that?

(its late and im feeling emo -- kay thats not true, but i have no better word to explain how i feel... oh wait, i think im just im actually upset for being awake bc im really tired-- wow)

and maybe i just want to get lost in memories

Kyle never uploaded all the pictures he took on facebook, and i feel like i may never ever see them again... and "ever" is a really long time

this place was beautiful

i like this,
i remember james pushing me infront of this beautiful gate so that kyle could get a picture...
but it was awkward just standing there
 i honestly couldn't do it

i feel like im one of those people who pose for photo's -- i hate this, like i just want to punch myself -- but .... i really like photo's
~ tweeted 1 hour ago

i just couldn't pose

how great are kyle's pictures? really. im obsessed all over again

im not sure if i miss andrea right now
 i just saw her this afternoon
but i think i do
its more of a "i dont know when i'll see you again bc i might miss you" feeling
and thinking about things, i really want to see those pictures she took of me feeding squirrels

ahhh i love us

i refuse to type the words "i miss you"

realizing that when im with friends im a better person than when im alone
yeah, this is probably something i should work on
theres that saying "you can never be lonely if you like the person you're alone with"
thats a facebook status right there*

feeling like i'd be able to sleep much better if i were in andrea's bed...but only bc i love it!
ah good memories of cold nights and her amazing electric blanket
my bed just cant compare

i think im falling out of love with my bed
maybe i should invest in a new one


1 comment:

  1. this made me miss them, us with them, US so much.
    and james, ovs.
    also, ah look at joe's cuteness
    but thats not mean

    you love my bed more than me. come sleep in my bed then.. i dont even use it that much anyway.