Tuesday, December 14, 2010

she gets me and im her biggest fan.

Its a strange term don’t you think “I'm your biggest fan”...whats the definition of that anyway? soo tempted to urban dictionary google it...but I wont bc I'm lazy

but if you know me well, then you know about my obsession with corinne bailey rae (i even love her name) and her music is

How great is she? I’ve been inlove with her music since mid high school, I always liked her “put your record on” till jess gave me a copy of her CD and I fell inlove with each and every song on it...her music is insane. I think of all the things I’ve been through and how it can relate to anything I want it to be (the way I like)

I must have played that poor cd over and over a hundred times (or more) is the greatest music to study to, dance to or even to just have in the background on a Sunday and now I sound like I'm writing a review on her music

I just cant explain this kind I love. I think she is awesome...literally. I want to be as cool as her when I grow up. ... actually thinking about that just breaks my heart bc I’ll never be as cool as her

What I can say is, whenever I have my earphones in and am singing the words, my dad always asks “are we listening to ‘o bailey Rae again?”

and that every now and then I catch my little brother singing along bc even HE knows the words

Music makes me happy, but her music takes happiness to the next level. Even the sad songs...i love them, bc they speak the words of my heart

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