Thursday, December 16, 2010

late at night i become selfish

theres nothing worse than being me right now. awake
and upset
somewhat lonely

but its almost 3am and this is to be expected
"people are asleep right now lisa"
no one cares
and even if they do, they wont show it till morning
and by morning it will be to late
maybe even, less appreciated

all i want is the perfect guy with the same sleeping patterns as me
the guy who stays up with me
who loves me
...and is it crazy that this is all making me tear up (she says with tears rolling down her cheeks)
-i cry easily, things make me sad, dont judge me-

i just want people to be there always
whenever i need them
i want them to be nice
and love me

i want to go to sleep

and i cant.

so i'll send him another sms
and i'll wipe my tears

and i'll tell myself that its okay to be selfish...
its okay to want silly things and be upset

its okay to be hungry
but too lazy to go to the fridge

and lastly, its okay to be sad

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