Saturday, December 18, 2010

Behind the wheel

if only bicycles were cool and i never needed a licence

Sometime during this past week my little cousins came over, there are about 3 of them, including my brother, which makes 4 and including me...makes 5 (I'm recalling the number bc I know I had to get out of bed and make them breakfast. Which is not the easiest thing in the world, but my mom wasn’t home and I was scared they would starve to death...they’re kids and so little)
I honestly do love them
Even though we all get annoyed with each other and argue over who gets to be on the computer. We all are pretty much like brothers and sisters. Of the five of us, there are two girls and three why am I saying all this?
Oh right, I want to tell you what we did...

We went to Grand West, think about it, we don’t give that place enough credit and with the right people it has the potential to be epic. EPIC

So I had my right people and we set off
And after much debating we eventually arrived at some conclusion as to what we would do for the evening... wait. You’re probably wondering why I would say Grand West is epic? one even goes there.... But there’s just SO much to do! Movies, games, ice skating, go carts, fun rides, bowling, and they have amazing restaurants and bathrooms! Seriously. ...and now that I'm 18, lets not forget the casino ... which, I still haven’t been to and not sure I want to, isn’t it for, like, old people? What would I even do? Would I lose money? Wait...could I win money? Could I win a car? Omgosh... #ineedanswers!

So anyway, we went ice skating, which is always such a vaab, I'm really good at it, and can’t remember the last time I’ve fallen. I think I may even want skates for Christmas. Yes! And there were these two little girls who were total pro’s at skating, dancing around and doing actions to whatever song that was playing. It was pure fun. I want to go again, why didn’t we go with the Australians or something? Thats the touristy thing to do isn’t it?

After skating was Go carting...though I think we grabbed a bite to eat first, again, feeding 5 mouths is never easy. We also bumped into my dad who then was convinced to come watch us, while we went on the go carts, and in my head I already knew he would judge me on this for future driving

Lets just say I have a history of speeding? Kay thats a lie, it was that one time on a quad bike. Which my mom will never forget!

Go carting was brutally competitive, the boys where in front in the beginning but I eventually passed each and every one of them, the last  one being "a very close call" as my dad put it
But thats not what I wanted to say, I wanted to blog about what happened after that...theres another mini go cart tract, its smaller but faster, so much more faster and by the look of it...i should have known it was unsafe...but this was my chance to beat the boys. Again

So I buckled my seatbelt (a single strap) around my waist, tied up my hair, and kept my right foot down hard on the acceleration, even before the race had begun. I should have been listening to what the man was saying...but common, this thing was tiny, how complicated could it be? ... all I caught was “if you bump the side twice, you will be thrown off, no refund” and “shake the steering wheel if you get stuck”....and then we were off

Its funny how you forget things when something traumatic happens its the brains way of coping with things

I remember discovering that the more you shake the steering wheel the faster your little car went, but logically the more you shake the steering wheel, the less control you have over your little car.

 I remember passing Nicolas before we took the bend, when I swerved out of control and the front of my car touched the side of the railing but then, the next thing Nicolas came flying straight into the back of me hitting me hard and ramming me straight into the railing, spinning my little car completely sideways.
 It was loud. All the cars on the track stopped. Everything stopped.
And my seat belt hit me hard. Really hard, for a moment I thought “dear God please don’t tell me I broke my pelvis bone”,
my hair was mess and I was in complete shock!
The stupid man came over and told me “not to do it again blaaa blaaa” he was rude.
But wait, did I mention that all of this happened right infront of my father, he witnessed the whole thing and mouthed the words “are you okay?” to me...
the next three or four laps feel like a blur, and even though I was scared shitless, I still wanted to win.
Which didn’t happen

So what lesson do we learn here children? Speed kills

When we got home my dad gave a “I cant believe that out of all the go cart races I watched tonight, the only accident that happened was between my children” speech
Which involved him and Nicolas arguing about who caused the accident
 while I sat there saying...
 “but those cars were really fast and completely out of control”...every now and then

I cant say I never want to race again, I totally won the first race, did I mention I beat all the boys? But I can say I never want to go on those stupid things again bc really
“those cars were really fast and completely out of control”


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