Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's almost 3am

picture taken from andrea's computer (lol) or maybe she sent it to me? im not sure, i just have it and like it. also, saw those glasses today and am regretting not buying them

i had gone to bed and everything when i just thought..."i would really like to be on the computer right now" and then i was getting too hot and then thought i should close my window and it was like the universe was telling me to get out of bed...also, the smell of paint was killing me...well not actually but im just scared of the smell after what happened to my old math teacher who spent the day in a tiny room painting and then fainted in class. . . but not the good kinda faint...gosh...just thinking about it disturbs me, the one moment he was sitting on the desk and the next thing he began falling forward till he crashed to the ground, and he was a huge man and so smart, one of my favourite teachers. flip. i actually might get sick thinking about this. omg



*enter fine

im not going to finish that story, maybe another day (lol take that as never...ask me in person (so you can hold my hair back incase i throw up) not gona lie, i have a whats the word Faheem uses? sensitive? no not that...anyway i have a sensitive stomach, i can get sick quite easily omg what am i typing? this was meant to be a happy blog before bed. a blogpost that would make me go sleep

i think i just saved this picture bc i thought he was hot...hmmm he is hot
they painted the wall outside my bed room hence the smell of paint, not to long ago my little brother fell through the roof, well not completely through...its a long story and an entirely new blogpost...anyway the insurance people came and got people to fix it and they painted and everything. good as new. looking at it...the colour of the wall is..."nice" i've said that three times today "this is a really nice wall colour" ...we all said it, bc thats the only way it can be described...and it is really nice!

anyway andrea jane spoke of christmas cookies and i was in bed craving them. desperatly. and then i realized that today is only Tuesday and that we will only be making them on MONDAY (yes, i was going to write this exact line on her facebook wall)

"im just gona call it the wall" - mark zuckerber

the real point of this blogpost is what i eventually found in the fridge, it was a little dessert my mom bought for me this afternoon and i had forgotten about....and goodness it was delicious. i sat here thinking "omg what is this????" ....

sweet berry sauce on top, a delicious creamy filling with and amazing biscuit crust... and then i thought "hey, this is exactly like cheese cake" ...only to look down and study it abit better and realize that it was infact cheese cake....point of my story is the biscuit craving is gone :) or it has just transformed into a cheese cake craving bc just typing this makes me want more...i actually got so hungry thinking about this that i got up and fetched some potato salad from the fridge, im sitting here eating it straight from the container, which if my mom saw, she would kill me...bc im not gona finish all of this actual fact i dont even like potato

so this blog post didnt turn out at all how i wanted it to be...
i dont care tho, i started off by talking about mr murrison fainting, everything is bound to go downhill from there...did i mention that when he eventually opend his eyes, he started throwing up? have you ever seen your teacher throw up?

ah life. you can be so dramatic at times

lol ... in other unrelated news, how great is annie leibovits?...though it must suck to google your own name and not even have a picture of you pop up

her pictures are amazing though


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