Saturday, December 18, 2010

Effortlessly red



"i think its a good thing i chose to do photography  over physics
~Nicolas George

The Story Behind these:
i know these are super posed and that im wearing make up and everything
but the truth is, i didnt plan this at all
My mom does this thing where she buys me clothes* ...she's an obsessive shopper
you know, like in the movies where the mom goes out and buys clothing for her little girl so she can dress her up.
Well thats my mom, still.
and so im used to coming home and finding new clothes laid on my bed, waiting for me to try on.
This evening i came home to this gorgeous dress, i remember fitting it on immediately, and then just coming to sit here by the computer in it. 
Just being on Facebook in my New Black dress, bc i can
im not sure how i came across my camera, i think i wanted to show Nicolas a few pictures on it. Oh yes, bc i had taken pictures of him, earlier...and then we decided to take pictures of my beautiful new dress, against the red wall we have here at our place
so i put on some red lipstick, and the rest is history*

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