Friday, December 17, 2010

despicable me [lyrics review?...kinda]

so apparently my last post was really sad
im not going to remove it, i like it
gosh, is that okay to say?

i just read the review on black swan. im scared. really. i dont want to see it anymore...
but i do
and now im just scared and i dont know whats okay and whats not

:) im listening to fun fun fun by Pharrell, he wrote most of the songs for the movie Despicable Me
it is! my new fave
i cant explain how cute it is
i've been watching it over and over

and Pharrells words are great, not to mention his voice!
the lyrics to the first song "despicable me" go something like...

Im having a bad bad day
its about time that I get my way
steam rolling whatever i see,

ah despicable me

I’m having a bad bad day
if you take it personal thats ok,
watch this is so fun to see,
ah despicable me
(rap part)

Why ask why better yet why not?
Why are you marking x on that spot?
Why use a blow torch isn’t that hott?
Why use a chainsaw is that all you got?
Why do you like seeing people in shock?
But my question to you is why not?


Why parallel when I can just park?
Why does vector think that he’s smart?
And does his dad know I know his part
Why did I have to live with my mom?
Why do you think that I should be calm?
Why want the moon, the Worlds in my palm!

and then it ends off with...

Can you chill?
Cause Gru Got the speakers and the trunk to make you
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
To make you bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

haha okay, i cut out some words there and maybe you should download it so you can hear him just being cool and asking the simple question of "why?"

"fun fun fun" is so happy, its written for when Gru (the lead character) is with the kids and they go to a fan park

Take me, far away
       As long as it's fun fun fun fun fun fun fun I wanna go!

     The school bell rings, what ive been waiting for.
 And you just spring, and run for the door,
hey its summer mom, hey its summer dad,
 man its been so long, since the children had...
A good time

Hey, maybe it all probably takes it's toll?
 hey, but didn't i make honor roll?
either way, eat your words
it's our time we deserve.
Oh to have a good time.

Take me, far away, anywhere.
 As long as it's fun fun fun fun fun fun fun I wanna go!

No more homework, or PTA.
No more lunch food, as toxic waste.
Lets get Mickey D's? as a matter of fact, lets get happy meals, wanna sundae man?

its our time, we deserve.
Oh to have a good time.

"its sooo fluuuurrrfffy!"

and i know its 3am and i should be in bed
im okay guys
i have God

  • eventually going to sleep
  • tomorrow
  • shopping
  • seeing my friends and watching tv
  • those biscuits we will make #omgiwantthem
  • tomorrow being over
  • Sunday!
  • spending time with my mom
  • watching inception
  • the beach
  • meeting mr right
  • seeing australians again (been thinking about them)
  • going to Paris sometime
  • Christmas!!!
  • walking my dogs and not getting run down
  • playing with my dogs (bc thats always good)
  • driving
  • a night out with friends
  • more tv...(did i say that already?)
  • one day buying my very own Sweets from heaven
  • dessert
  • happiness
  • a message fom him
  • and lastly...blogging again :)

"There's nothing scarier than getting exactly what you want, 'cause then you really have something to lose."


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