Monday, February 28, 2011

monday blues

and listening to the script

knowing i shouldn't be blogging at all
contemplating just not doing work and editing the photo's andrea and i took instead
thinking i should sms, but not wanting to be annoying

drinking green tea*

i just haven't felt this kind of stress for a while...
hating how i enjoy being pessimistic
knowing in my head that nothing is as bad as im making it out to be

today was really nice
i have very sweet friends at varsity
and even the people i dont like, can sometimes make me smile...
but only bc im giggling at how hard they try

just leave me alone to be a girl

i even saw #myGuy today

he kissed me on the lips

i just hate the fact that im so tired
and that im not amped at all

...that i have so much to do
and that i have to concentrate :'(

wishing my birthday is everything i want it to be
and that i smile
and see my friends smile aswell

watching the videos from this weekend
which are great, and somehow also creepy...
in a "what are you doing" kinda way
but great non the less :)

loving this picture and how i cant stop smiling at it, even though its not overboard cute

thinking that tomorrow i'll wear something lovely
and enjoy being 18 for the last time ever*


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