Saturday, February 19, 2011

my Guy

it feels so wrong to make that my title
but the truth is...
thats what i've been calling him

and he makes me smile 

and i know i only met him two days ago
and that im probably crazy to even be blogging about him
but these past two days with him have been lovely

Today i sat on the grass with his head on my lap
while i played with his hair

 everything with him is strangely obvious
i like him
and not only for his goodlooks
but because he is really sweet
in a stupid, innocent way

ahhh and im drifting off just thinking about him

and he looks at me constantly,
in the eyes.
and flirts with me,
 as if it's okay.

and he has the most amazing hair
and beatuiful hazel eyes
(hazel means green right?)
and he smiles
and has facial hair*

and maybe this is all #putitoutintotheuniverse
i saw him on valentines day with a bunch of roses
and was jealous of the lucky girl to be getting them from a guy like him
(turns out he was holding them for a friend #yesistalked)

and he's profile picture reminds me of this

he is really sweet
and so cute
and we all sit together and he makes it obvious that he likes me
he does
--im not imagining this--

and maybe he does it bc when he met me, our friend who introduced us
told him i thought he was hot, in a few simple hand gestures

he asks lots of questions
and notices the small things
and says we should go out

and we sit together
and flirt...or atleast he does
i cant keep up with him
he's far to cute

and at some point on Thursday all of our friends got up and left us alone together
and in the two days i've known him, he's bunked class (more than once) just to be with me

there really isn't more to say
im not looking for a boyfriend
i just think he's perfect

and im astonished by how i can like someone so openly
and everyone is just okay with it
almost as if they expect it

like when i joked that "He" should walk me to the car
everyone took me seriously
which only made for an awkward
"no what are you doing, why are you the only one getting up, i was just kiddin'..."

and i miss him when i leave
and im excited to see him again
and i think its funny how everyone on facebook is "liking" our wallposts to each other

oh and theres one last thing to tell you
which might make you hate him....

he's muslim and knows Faheem



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