Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"we can"

i like to hope
and say "maybe"
i like to come up with exciting things to do
and think about how i'll do them

i like stripes
and listening to music
and putting on make up
and being pretty

i like dressing up and taking photo's
i like compliments
and sweet messages

i like laughing at my parents when they are upset or worried about me

i like drinking tea
and sleepovers
and dinner parties

i like how this picture reminds me of andrea -- haha

and i like this photo tim took
(and that we are wearing sunglasses and a sunhat inside)
i like my new sunhat
and this ring im wearing -- that we bought in china town

i like how im running out of things to list that i like
and how this blog post has gone completely off topic

wanting to go to that rooftop bar with fairy lights, in town
and to take pictures of a girl standing in a smokey room, talking to a small crowd

thinking that if my hair is going to stay brown
im going to have to cut my fringe
and wear liquid eyeliner always*



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