Thursday, July 14, 2011

old friends die hard.

a while ago an old friend sent me this
she wrote it for me at the end of matric
and i honestly still think its the sweetest thing

"Dearest Lisa’tjie
Having you as a friend has added so much value to my life: from the first time I spoke to you- (I was in desperate need of a photo coping card in grade 9- Ms Simpson’s class.) You were the only one who owned one AND with R10 credit on- freak! Haha. I told you that you were my guardian angel, you just laughed. I remember when my nail broke you wiped out a fully equipped ‘tool box/ pencil case’ to pass me a nail file. When my Matric ball dress fell apart you gave me a pin and everything was just fine! How do I say Thank You- it’s just two small words with so much meaning.
Having you as a friend meant 2 hour phone calls, laughing till I cry and forgetting to say goodbye. Having you as a friend meant listening to boys stories, spending lunch time giving you advice and you agree to take it. When Mondays come, you had done the exact opposite! Having you as a friend meant concentrating really hard to remember all the boys names lol J “Ammy, you know (insert name) from (insert place), his really funny and cute, I like him! My response: “Ah Lisa but his like ancient old and that like illegal!” Haha. I guess having you as a friend meant that I had to be the “Aunty” in the relationship- well, not all the time.
Having you as a friend meant living life to the fullest, being daring and enjoying every moment of it! Even though you might have done a few silly things, you were incredibly bright and you were my special friend. So from the first photo coping card to the first Heineken you bought me, I knew that we would have a great friendship!
Keeping all this in mind, it makes saying goodbye (at the end of matric) a little easier because I know that a HUGE part of you will always be with me!"

we aren't friends anymore
and i remember clearly how she ended our friendship
her stupid reasons
 i cant even be heartbroken about it

if someone doesn't want to be in my life thats their issue

and she still kinda keeps in touch
mostly bc i think she feels bad, and misses me

im not even sure why she sent me this email
or what she expects me to say

maybe she knows she made a mistake and wants me to feel sorry for her
maybe she wants to know if i feel the same way
maybe she wants to be friends again


people are stupid.


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