Wednesday, July 13, 2011

im drunk, not stupid

you know how your friends say "you could have any guy you want"
its true
guys are easy
the trick when you're drunk, comes when you have to pick a guy
a guy who's worth your time

someone who will buy you drinks
crack afew jokes
dance like a pro
and basically make you feel like a million bucks

this kinda guy isn't really hard to find, if you're goodlooking and maybe a lil tipsy already
or maybe im just really good at finding this kind of guy

you shouldn't settle for anything less, no matter how low your standards are
you shouldn't be too easy
and you shouldn't waste your time with some loser
bc in this time, you could be chatting it up with mr right now

never feel obligated to talk to a loser
its okay to:
  1. take your drink and go
  2. let him help you up on stage and then dance with his friend
  3. say "gross, go away"
  4. tell the nearest guy that he's annoying you and let that guy deal with him
  5. take his cigarette -- bc this is basically like saving his life
  6. walk away [sidenote, only do this in emergency cases, walking away shows weakness, and is soo much effort, why walk away, when you can make him do it!]
  7. tell him you dont like him "I DONT LIKE YOU! YOU'RE STUPID" .... honesty is the best policy
coming across losers is a part of life
and when sober, losers are much easier to deal with


never let a loser bring you down
and try not to kiss him
though if you do, you could always deny it for the rest of your life, so its super chilled if you do
though, kissing losers only makes them more clingy, so save yourself the trouble

practise makes perfect
so practise not letting losers get in your way
go out, get drunk and have an amazing night with mr right now

be invincible to losers!

bitches rule.


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