Saturday, May 21, 2011

wasting time.

i have a huge bowl of popcorn
and a tall glass of strawberry juice with crushed ice

just tweeted that "Saturdays aren't for studying, then again, i said the same thing about Fridays"

feeling obligated to blog about everything thats gone on.

people read
and stalk
and ask me questions as if they're my friend

and whats ironic is that my true friends, question me the least.
and if you dont know whats going on in my personal life
its bc i dont want you to know.

and maybe this is all part of the reason i haven't felt the need to blog
my friends know about #myGuy
and my fans
and how im doing at varsity

and what would be the point of blogging about what i do on weekends, when im with them
enjoying every minute

i just feel like people take everything i say, so seriously
like i have to constantly watch what i say

people are annoying.


[will blog about everything, for my friends who i hardly see and get to speak to, i miss you so much]

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