Saturday, May 21, 2011

Darling, im okay.

was last night rough?
i dont know

or maybe im just stressed
and things turn out more dramatic than they are
(between you and me, im really lazy, and this stresses me out even more)

and i swear if i have someone tell me im just being stupid, i will just... .

i may be grown up, but im not an adult
and i may be pretty but im not smart

and what im really trying to say is that i have the most amazing friends ever
and that i know im surrounded by love

and you guys are just the best

and that yes i am dramatic
and that people worry
and dont understand


im just a girl
let me be a girl
just this once

and every other time :)

i promise im always okay
i have you guys, so why wouldn't i be

love always.


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