Saturday, May 21, 2011

i want a house.

"i want a house
built of old wood

you could paint it any colour you like
just so long as i can live with you"

#nowplaying i want a house by TwinSister
and those are the only lyrics in the 4:29min song
and yes i did hear it on greys anatomy
(end of episode 14 season 7)
and i do have it on repeat*

we could be these girls andrea.



  1. I dont think you can comprehend how perfect this is, and how insanely incredible your timing is! ANd how perfect a person you are. (I'm so brilliant at creating people!)Ahhhh it's kinda freaking me out. But in a "We are so perfect" kinda way. Ahhhh* Have u been stalking my thoughts today (everyday) ? #verylikely This.Will.Be.Us. Xx

  2. I kind of want to cry. It's that perfect. Also, we need more love heart candy* (THAT'S what nick is bringin for us when he goes!)