Thursday, June 23, 2011


been raging to andrea
about things i know she's thinking
and truth is, im not even sure i can bitch about my problems

problems? what problems? Lisa, i dont understand, your life is perfect

i know, i know
but there is one small thing


really, though.

i tend to think im a pretty honest gal
i may be optimistic,
and really really nice
but, somewhere along the line im honest about how i feel about things

what im trying to say is that,
if you piss me off
you should know you did,
and well, if i piss you off
you should know why i did

i hate being rude
and hurting people's feelings

but as much as i love you
i love me more

so keep your judgements to yourself
and your tweets about shit off twitter
bc as much as i want to care
i've come to realise that, some people aren't worth it
some people are just stupid. 

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