Saturday, June 4, 2011


problems are just there to remind you that this is all real
to hurt you and to remind you to feel

in a perfect world
they wouldn't be part of life
no one likes to hurt

and the trick is know which ones to over look and which ones to work at

and i cant even begin to explain how crazy this week has been
and i could complain about:

how i was 45mins late for my chemistry exam,
or how my ex bf is just determined to see me miserable,
how my best friend is gone
how theres no milk in the fridge
how i can see how a certain person using me bc she has no one else
or how the guy i like, doesn't like me back

how i just want to be alone
and not put in effort into relationships with certain people
how i just dont want to reply to your message....any message i get

how my twitter just doesn't load 7/10 times i try
or how i twisted my ankle, which felt like a near death experience

but what would be the point?
people would feel sorry for me
and thats not what i need

truth is, through all this, im still happy
theres so much i have to live for
and to look forward too

and maybe i've become that girl who insists that:
"everything is going to be okay!"
to the girl who is having a serious panic attack before a physics exam
while the rest are freaking out and saying "no its not, stop lying to her"

and maybe i'm over looking problems, that are serious and i should address
but right now im doing okay
and thats all that is important.


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