Thursday, March 24, 2011

andrea said something

something along the lines of....

"i don't have time for girls who think having a guy will make them happy
kinda like you sometimes"

and i haven't forgotten about it
and i refuse to believe its true

and i sit here wanting to type my third? blog post about #myGuy
and...the question is, should i?

i like how he sent me a pointless message "accidentally" and which was meant for someone else
i like how he apologised and then asked me how i was
i like how we spoke for hours
and went to go shower at the same time
and then spoke again afterwards

i like how he tells me stupid silly things
like that he likes watching animal planet and to cook in his spare time

i like that we wished together at 11:11

and that we updated our status about each other
and that he uses words i dont know and then says "i know you're about to google it" he keeps silly secretes

i like how i cant stop thinking about what it would be like to kiss him.


1 comment:

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