Sunday, September 26, 2010

maybe it's time

so maybe it's time, ive had this blog page for a couple of days now, just never felt the need to blog, not that i feel it now but i like my twitter exactly how it looks at the moment*...another tweet for the night and it will all be ruined...haha who am i kiddin' you can never tweet to much :) <3 and Facebook is just Facebook "like a refrigerator, the more you open it, the more you dont find anything new" and when you do, its some stale photo of your ex boyfriend and some random chick and...well ....

i like blogs...i said i'd never need one and that my life was complete telling Andrea Jane everything, till she left and i realized i had no one to tell stuff, and as sad as what that may sound, its totally true (haha and now im thinking of so many people i could talk to...) kay so maybe its not true, but Andrea gets me, i can always trust her to tell me what to do, thinking about it, thats all a relationship really needs, to trust that someone will care for you, look out for whats best for you, love you always, never hurt you and always be there for thats a mouthful, i just made "trust" seem like so much effort, but its not, and when you are with the right people, its not an effort at all....

trust me*

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